Why plan your retirement?

Since the removal of the default retirement age (DRA), the decision on if and when to retire has been in our own hands. Employers can no longer tell us that we have to retire at a certain age based purely on how old we are.

The decision when to retire is a significant personal decision and these days when we retire we hopefully have some 25-30 years of active life ahead of us. It’s a huge opportunity.

However the change from a work situation, to one where there is no structure and nobody telling us what to do, is one of the biggest changes of our lives. Whatever length of time we spent working and travelling to work each day, and whatever aspirations we have for retirement, filling 40-50 hours each week on top of previous leisure time, for the next 25 years, is a major challenge!

We are all different, some of us can’t wait to retire, others are concerned or apprehensive about it.

The purpose of ‘Planning Retirement Online’ is to encourage you to think seriously about all aspects of your retirement in a structured way, to remove those concerns where you have them and to increase your chances of enjoying and making the most of this potentially fulfilling phase of your life and avoiding some of the common pitfalls.

If you haven’t already decided exactly when to retire, the resources and pre-retirement workshop will help you weigh up the possibilities and decide what is right for you. If you are already retired but feel you aren’t making the most of it, or didn’t have the opportunity to do a workshop before you retired, then the post-retirement workshop will help you review all aspects of your retirement and identify additional things you might do to make it even more fulfilling and enjoyable.

So do take advantage of our retirement resource and take this 1 step to make the most of those 10,000 days of retirement!

This version of our online workshop is no longer available for new sign-ups, as we have replaced it with a considerably enhanced version combining all our knowlege with e-learning technology to create an interactive and persistent experience that will allow you to build a plan for your retirement in your own time and at your own pace.

Click here to visit www.planonline.co.uk, the new home of 'Planning Your Retirement Online'


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