About LaterLife and LaterLife Learning

LaterLife has been in operation on the web since 1999 running the www.laterlife.com web site and we have been running Planning Retirement Workshops under the trading name of Laterlife Learning, see www.retirement-courses.co.uk, since 2005.

Planning Retirement WorkshopDuring that time we have grown to be the leading provider of open Planning Retirement Workshops - we run around 200 a year, currently at 45 locations all around the UK. These are used by both employers for their retiring employees and by individuals. Over 1000 Public and Private sector employers use our workshops, both open and in-house.

Our www.laterlife.com  web site has also become one of the foremost resources for making the most of laterlife and receives around 20,000 unique visitors each month from both new and regular visitors who subscribe to the free email newsletters.

The online workshop is a distillation of the knowledge and experience of our trainers and from 2017 has been moved to a custom e-learning platform to allow us to enhance your experience of the online workshop, and to give you the ability to create and maintain your own retirement plan covering all the lifestyle and finance elements around retirement. You can view more information and purchase licences at our www.planonline.co.uk website



Wyvols CourtWe are based at Wyvols Court in Berkshire. The address is:

Laterlife Learning
Wyvols Court

Phone 0333 2204164

Email: learningteam@laterlife.com

Customer Service

We are committed to helping everyone make the most of their retirement and we have a very strong focus on the quality of what we do and on the customer service we provide.

If you should have any problems purchasing or using this online resource we are just a phone call away and we guarantee we will sort out any problem to your satisfaction. Also if you prefer to purchase over the phone rather than online, or have any queries, we are happy for you to call the office and talk to our Operations Team.

We hope you will enjoy what we have put together and we hope you have a great later life!

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